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If you’re going to invest in one form of copy for yourself or your business, make it your bio. A truly killer bio serves as your professional calling card: a way to convey your expertise, your goals and your passions in a way that tells your story and forges a connection with your reader.

Some nice feedback I’ve received…

“The process was amazing, smooth, and seamless. Liz somehow took a seemingly random path of mismatched experiences and skill sets and was able to step back and pinpoint a very distinct line, all the while keeping a focus on opening up possibilities for my goals.  It was a very positive experience and I came out of it feeling motivated and hopeful: the impact was powerful and immediate.  I am not exaggerating when I say that not even 24-hours after receiving Liz’s help, I had the motivation and confidence to not only pursue, but land a position in the gaming industry, a goal that I had been striving for for almost 10 years.” -Edmond Aggabao, Blizzard Entertainment

”Once again, your work exceeded my expectations. THANK YOU!!” -Cindy Strong, Strong People Solutions, repeat client

All bio sessions include a 45-minute virtual interview via Zoom and are optimized for use on LinkedIn. Clients can also add a longform bio with credentials and awards (example from a happy client here).

Ready to boost your bio (and your professional cred)?