If You Want to Be Somebody, If You Want to Go Somewhere, You'd Better Wake Up and Pay Attention

If you recognized the title of this blog post, congratulations: you’re awesome and we’re friends forever. For those who are utterly lost and confused, consider this video clip a primer for one of the best movies to come out of the ‘90s (and a personal favorite), Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. Watch it. Hear it. Feel it. (I’ll wait.)

Though trite and hackneyed, this movie is full of great messages (and unmistakably ‘early ‘90s’ fashion that kids today would die over). I had an “if you want to be somebody…” epiphany recently: for a writer, I spend way too much time not writing.

I love thinking about writing and reading about writing. I write for other people and never miss a deadline. But when it comes to my writing—the work I do for myself, that I pour my heart and soul into and say the things I’ve always wanted to but can never seem to find just the right words—this work always seems to fall on the back burner. And it's bumming me out.

I’m passionate about helping others use their words and voices to accomplish their goals, whatever that looks like for them. I believe in my bones that the better we are at articulating who we are, what we do, and why we do it, great things will happen for us. This is my “why”; it’s the backbone of my business. But if I’m not serious about my own writing practice, how can I expect others to take me seriously as a writer?

This business blog is part of my writing practice: knowing that I post every 2 weeks keeps me honest and creative with this part of my business. Generating content is a big part of what I do for others, so it makes sense to have this blog content as proof of concept. (See, I can write regularly and mostly coherently! Hire me!) But when it comes to the writing I love to do that has nothing to do with my business, it’s suffered. And it’s time for me to wake up and pay attention.

To the mentors and other writers who’ve encouraged me, listened to me complain, and given me the figurative butt-kicking I need to keep writing: thank you. To those close to me: I’m working on prioritizing my writing, so please bear with me if I’m not as available lately. And to my clients: my goal is to always keep improving my craft so that I can serve you better, so the way I see it, this shift in my priorities is a win for you, too.

And repeat after me: “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere…”

(The image for this post is a page from Welcome to the Writer’s Life by Paulette Perhach, a recent read I highly recommend for writers. If you need practical advice or just a helpful nudge to get and stay motivated like Yours Truly, this book is for you!)

Liz Feezor