Why I'm Narrowing My Focus

10 years ago, I published the first post on my personal blog, The Stylish Disaster (then called Dressing to the Nines in the 208, a nod to my Idaho roots). What started as a creative outlet became an online diary of sorts, chronicling the life changes, trends, and topics that were occupying my brain space at the time.

Though I couldn’t have predicted it, that blog was the precursor to what would become my business. I’ve always been a creative and an advocate for self-expression, but it took a wake-up call in the form of a physical and mental crash to force the issue: I needed to be doing creative work full-time. Self-expression and autonomy aren’t just “nice to haves” for me; they are imperatives for a happy life.

If you’re reading this post, you probably noticed my website had a major outfit change. It was an investment and a creative project that forced me to double down the belief that when we clearly communicate who we are, it makes our lives—and our work—measurably better.

Along with the new look, I’m also narrowing my focus, creating work for “wholehearted individuals and conscious businesses”: a phrase that’s right at the top of my home page, worded intentionally to attract like-hearted people who value communication and want to bring their whole selves to their work.

Last week, I was a guest speaker for the Texas State MBA program’s professional development series. We talked about personal versus professional social media channels and content, how to tell your story in a bio, and using LinkedIn to build and engage a professional network. It was a great group of students and a good reminder for me of why I do what I do: to get people excited about language and its ability to shape the course of our careers.

When we care, it shows. We don’t all think the same, and we certainly don’t all talk the same. When we narrow our focus and are intentional with our words, we invite the right work—and the right people—into our lives.

Change your words, change your life.

(The image for this post is a snippet from my new Services page—I’ve sung Corey Carbo’s praises many times, but she knocked it dead with my new site and branding. Hit her up for any illustration and web design needs!)

Liz Feezor